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Stuart Hall: Conversations, Projects and Legacies, a new book edited by Julian Henriques and David Morley with Vana Goblot, is now available for purchase online and in bookshops.

Stuart Hall: Conversations, Projects and Legacies examines the career of the cultural studies pioneer Stuart Hall, interrogating his influence and revealing lesser-known facets of his work. This collection of essays and photographs evaluates the legacies of Hall’s particular brand of cultural studies and demonstrates how other scholars and activists have utilised his thinking in their own research.

With contributions from Britain, Europe, East Asia and North and Latin America, Stuart Hall: Conversations, Projects and Legacies provides a comprehensive look at how, under Hall’s intellectual leadership, British cultural studies transformed itself from a form of ‘local’ knowledge to the international field of study we know today.

Published by Goldsmiths Press.

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