Date and Time

30th July 2016


Rivington Place

SHF trustees met young artists and cultural activists to discuss their strategies of reinventing the modes of cultural activism that emerged in the 1980s. The conversation sought to develop intergenerational connections and opportunities for future collaboration.

These young activists are reinventing the kind of cultural and identity politics that was developed in the 1980s but have since been largely forgotten. They are developing new and sophisticated strategies and making connections between what have traditionally been quite separate areas. These include race, class, intergenerational issues, mental health, the politics of the family, restorative justice, gender, feminism, ethical sourcing, ecology and food. Such ways of thinking are variously described as intersectional or diasporic.

The Stuart Hall Foundation is committed to building relationships with these groups and projects. The collectives we are working with include Shake, Skin Deep, Generational Revolution and Brainchild festival.